“ I have always seen music as a poetic and symbolic language, able to tell stories and convey emotions to anyone of any age. I write my compositions thinking of the musicians who will play them, in order to create a ground on which to start different journeys through improvisation.

My intention is to push the audience to reflect, to be present, attentive and responsive to what is happening at the moment, while presenting my music with strength and energy but also with fragility, sensitivity and intimacy. "


Giulio Ottanelli is a saxophonist, composer and arranger born in Florence (Italy) in 1995. He studied classical music at the Conservatory of Florence, jazz performance and improvisation at the Siena Jazz University and arrangement and composition for big band and symphonic orchestra at the National Conservatory of Paris.

He had the opportunity to study jazz and improvisation with Joe Sanders, Dave Liebman, Miguel Zenon, Ben Wendel, Maurizio Giammarco and many others.

He won many international awards, such as the Gexto International Jazz Competiotion (2023), 2nd prize at “Premio Massimo Urbani (2021), 1st Alto Saxophone in the young ONJ 2022 (orchestre national de jazz des jeunes), 1st prize at “Premio Chicco Bettinardi” (2019), the prize “Luca Flores” for the best soloist at Barga Jazz.

Currently living in Paris, is active in many groups as leader, performer and composer. He played in many international venues and festival around europe such as the Marciac Jazz Festival, 360 Music Factory, Studio de l’Ermitage, Getxo Jazz Festival, Ibiza Jazz Festuval, Firenze Jazz Festival, Piacenza Jazz Festival, Torrione Jazz Club …..

He shared the stage with international musicians such as Joes Sanders, Dave Liebman, Miguel Zenon, Maurizio Giammarco, Nico Gori, Adam Pache, Fulvio Sigurtà..

Giulio Ottanelli

This piano-less quartet, formed with Jeremie Lucchese (tenor saxophone), Cyril Drapé (double basse) and Emile Rameau (drums), wants to explore the sound created by two saxophones interacting with each other, in a continuous flow that compound composition and improvisation.

The group proposes a rhythmic and energetic music with refined melodies and odd tempos, with influences ranging from historical jazz musicians like L. Tristano, B. Strayhorn, C. Mingus to traditional eastern european music.

The very recognizable themes of the songs, that alternate with impetuous improvisations and unexpected tempo changes , make the show accessible to all types of audience.

The band has already performed in many festivals and released his first EP “The Paris Session” in may 2023.

The Giulio Ottanelli Quartet is the winner of the Gexto International Competition 2023 and will released in winter 2023 a live album recorded during the concert.